Commercial Moving Services

Move Your Office

Office & Retail

Professional Moving Services can move your office or retail furniture, equipment, supplies, shelvings, displays, and even your signage. Electronics and computer systems, office equipment like standing printers, or rotating displays for retail spaces are no problems for our highly qualified staff. We have decades of experience in moves just like yours, and we can help you avoid the mistepps that make most moves less than awesome.

Restaurants & Workshops

That giant mixer, tablesaw, griddles, standing coolers and fryers, and your drill press are no challenge for our professional movers at Professional Moving Services. We can help you relocate to your new shop or restaurant and even help you set it back up. You could spend an unknown amount on the payroll to do it with your existing staff. Do you know how many hours you can expect that to take? You don't have to guess what your move will cost; contact us today and get a reliable estimate so you can get back to business ASAP.

Move Your Shop
Local Freight Delivery

Local Freight Delivery

With a minimum of one billable hour, Professional Moving Services can deliver those new cabinets to the job site or that large office printer you bought across town after an excellent display of your haggling skills. Need those saplings and succulents delivered to the landscaping project de jour? Pick up that phone and contact us for prompt and reliable delivery.