We’re Professional Furniture Movers

Furniture Pickup & Delivery

Sometimes, you just need a little help moving or delivering furniture. Professional Moving Services is here to help. We all need to move furniture around occasionally, and finding volunteers for this kind of thing usually doesn't yield much help.  Local online consumers and furniture sellers don't always have access to a truck when you need delivery. Businesses moving office or store locations but do not require a truck can get a much better deal through hourly service without minimum price tables that include unnecessary transportation costs. Professional Moving Services offers hourly services for a variety of use cases, and one of those use cases is our furniture moving.

Furniture Pickup & Delivery

If you're buying or selling furniture professionally or personally, you think about delivery. Not all furniture delivery requirements make sense for large freight or parcel and package delivery services, so you need another option for your furniture delivery needs. No matter if you sell customer furniture commercially or purchase that wrap-around sofa on an online marketplace, our hourly rates give you the flexibility and availability you need when it comes time for your furniture pickup and delivery. Professional Moving Services will do all the work required for pickup, transport, and delivery, including pick up from inside the home or business, packaging or wrapping the items to be moved, transporting, delivering, and unpackaging the item for a complete pickup and delivery solution.

Professional Furniture Movers

Residential & Commercial

We provide services for both residential and commercial needs. If you're moving your office or offices within the same building, you won't need a service that includes transport and delivery costs, but that doesn't mean a call to Professional Moving Services isn't the right move for you. All the peace of mind you get from a licensed and insured moving company with caring staff is also available for these requests. Our hourly rates are perfect for moving within the same building, plaza, or complex.